Many are deeply troubled by the ongoing death and destruction in Gaza. If you are among those who long to see the horrific violence in the Holy Land come to an end, join people of all faiths – including friends from BelPres – for the Seattle Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage walk on Saturday, March 9.

The Gaza Ceasefire Pilgrimage walk is an event taking place in over 100 cities worldwide during the season of Lent. The Seattle walking route travels through both Seattle and the Eastside and covers 25 miles – the same length as the Gaza Strip. The route loops around the north end of Lake Washington and, for those walking the entire distance, you should allow 10-12 hours. Participants are welcome to walk as much or little as they want.

Our group of walkers from BelPres is planning to travel at least 5 miles of the route. We would love to have you join us! We encourage you to complete this Contact Form so we can look for you!

How to Participate

The walk starts early from Heritage Park near downtown Kirkland. Plan to show up by 6 AM! Some free parking is available nearby at 123 5th Avenue, Kirkland. When you arrive at the park, look for a person holding up a "BP" (BelPres) sign and we will gather there. The walks begins at 6:15 AM, loops around the north end of Lake Washington, then south to the University of Washington, then east over the 520 floating bridge, and then back to Kirkland. Know that no transportation or support services are provided during the walk. Bring your own drink and food. Wear good walking shoes and appropriate clothing. Have your phone with you.

More information

  • To view the latest information about the walk, see this Facebook page.
  • If you have questions about the walk, email them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.