The Justice and Racial Reconciliation (J&RR) Team is a group of believers in Jesus based at Bellevue Presbyterian Church who want to bring Jesus' healing wherever we live, work, play, and learn. We specifically work address racial issues. We exist to build toward "third way" racial justice and reconciliation in pursuit of God's heart for BelPres, Bellevue, the Eastside, and beyond.

If you're someone who loves Jesus Christ and wants to make a difference in addressing racial issues, you are welcome here! We invite you to explore the site, where we have assembled a list of over 50 books, 30 movies and videos, numerous podcasts, and other resources that provide a Christian view and approach to overcoming racial injustice.

We also add local articles, local news, reflections, commentary, and laments to our Justice News & Blog. Our Calendar is full of opportunities for you to get involved in our monthly meetings, to attend race-related community events and conferences, and chances to volunteer. 

In addition to browsing via the menus, our Search box (top right on every page) will deliver results from all areas of the site. We encourage you to use it often. 

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