CHOOSE 180 is another local organization working with youth in the criminal justice system. They serve as an emergency room for young people in crisis, helping them identify what's wrong, the behaviors that keep them stuck, and the path toward positive change. CHOOSE 180 surrounds youth and young adults with a community of support that connects them to the resources and supports necessary to live out their commitment to CHOOSE 180.

CHOOSE 180 has an emphasis on serving youth and young adults who are engaged in activities that if ignored would likely result in escalating negative behavior and substantial lifelong consequences.


Seattle Times Article:

King County Youth Chaplaincy is a great ministry to incarcerated youth that we learned about in our April 2019 Prayer and Fellowship meeting.

The mission of the King County Youth Chaplaincy is to:

  • Present an opportunity to respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ to all youth incarcerated in the King County Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Provide Christian chaplaincy and pastoral services to youth in the Detention Center.
  • Collaborate with partner churches in providing post-release pastoral services and discipleship to youth and their families.

Their vision is for youth in the detention center to encounter the love and grace of Jesus and to grow in relationship with Him. We believe Jesus is the source of true and lasting changesin life. Thus, we see our youth never returning to detention. We envision that the youth we work with will have bright and successful futures, enabling them and their families to break cycles of social, material, and spiritual poverty.

Check out their website at

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